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Bringing drone inspection technology to industry. The future of drone based industrial inspections has arrived.


Sky-Futures is strongly committed to operational excellence, maintaining a safe and responsible service and ensuring reliable and professional drone Remote Pilots. Our success is founded on and dependent on a strong EH&S culture developed and maintained across the company's operations.

Safety first goals

  • Achieve a safe and healthy working environment for all personnel

  • No accidents

  • Health and safety responsibility at every level

  • A just culture

Health and Safety compliance

  • Have in place a Health and Safety Management System

  • Ensure that our Health and Safety Management System is understood and applied at all levels within the company

  • Ensure that all employees are competent to undertake their work safely

  • Emphasise Health and Safety concerns both on and off the work site

  • Assess the consequences of all our activities on health and safety and put in place appropriate control measures

  • Perform regular audits of all our activities, using the results to drive performance improvements

  • Health and Safety training for all

  • Dedicated expertise compliant with Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations 199

Quality Assurance

Sky-Futures aim to deliver the highest quality inspection service. We operate a culture of continual improvement from all employees and always ask for feedback from our clients. We encourage our employees to present ways to improve our working practices and seek the best answers from all levels of the company. Sky-Futures also recognizes that every client is unique and has a different expectation. With this in mind, we match the expectations of every client by crafting an inspection service based around our fundamental principles of safety and high quality.