Asset Management & Data Analytics Drone Inspection Software for Industrial Inspections

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Optimise the way you manage your assets, improve safety, efficiency and asset performance with EXPANSE, an asset management data analytics and reporting software for industrial inspection that allows you to visualise and analyse all your data, from static imagery captured with mobile devices or drones, to historic engineering reports or photogrammetry models.


Visualise, Share, Access, Measure, Quantify, Classify, Trend and Predict. In-house developed artificial intelligence and computer vision advanced tools.


Create a cloud-based 3D private world for assets. All data is organised around the asset digital twin seamlessly linked to the inspection data.


Designed and engineered for the industrial inspection world. A tool to help engineers be more efficient throughout the inspection process.


Import and interrogate data from drones, handheld cameras or any other sensor as well as historic reports or photogrammetry data.


With the automation of certain tasks, like object identification, inspections and maintenance can be done faster and more efficiently.


Expanse Inspector portal for asset management and analysis. And Expanse Business portal for visualisation and review of the inspection data.

Go From Smart to Smarter Data

Through our inspection experience, software skills and detailed industry asset management knowledge, Sky-Futures has developed a suite of industry-leading asset management software solutions for the industrial inspection world. See how Expanse helps you to analyse data in a faster and more efficient way, build a highly visual and intuitive inspection report, and most importantly make smarter decision.

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Case Study

Read the case study on how Azisa Drone Company enhances their asset management and reporting capabilities by using Sky-Futures’ Expanse inspection software.

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