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Sky-Futures has spent over half a decade working at the leading edge delivering industrial inspections. Through this experience we have built an inspection solution that empowers enterprise to deploy drones today.

The Industry’s First ‘Drone-To-Go’ Capability For Enterprise Organisations From Zero to Hero in 3 months


Sky-Futures’ ‘Drone-To-Go’ is a full package drone solution for Enterprise organisations, enabling the implementation of powerful drone inspection capabilities within three months, as opposed to the typical 18 months+. That means, in record time, your organisation can realise the game-changing impact of this disruptive technology with its radical benefits, including enhanced safety, lower manpower and greater cost-inefficiencies.

Out of the box, one-stop, modular approach
Our out-of-the-box ‘Drone-To-Go’ solution distinguishes itself in the marketplace by giving you a complete package including drone pilot training, regulatory support, software and services to ensure enterprise-ready deployment.
In short, you’ll get:

  • Technical Consultancy - including best practice on inspection procedures, types of hardware, aviation authority permissions, etc
  • Training - includes remote pilot industrial inspection training, camera operating training
  • Managed Service: On-going support as you scale up drone operations
  • Software - Expanse software for industrial inspection providing inspection reporting and analytics
  • Or any combination of these …

  • Team up with us, realise the benefits of drones now

    Sky-Futures are already realizing the benefits of drones across a wide range of industries, such as Oil and Gas, Utilities, Renewables, Bridges, Confined Spaces, Maritime, Telecommunications and Engineering.

    We believe this disruptive technology will profoundly improve the operations, safety and cost-effectiveness of businesses like yours. Why not join us now, getting up and running rapidly with our unique ‘Drone-To-Go’ solution.

    Safe, high quality drone-based inspections available to you

    Highest technical proficiency is available to you from Sky-Futures in-house engineering team

    • Experience

      Over 9,000 hours of delivering confined space, external, onshore and offshore inspections

    • Industries

      Sky-Futures delivers inspection services in Oil and Gas, Renewables, Utilities, Telecoms, Bridges and Construction across the world

    • Quality

      ISO9001 certified, ensuring continuous improvement, fit for purpose, quality management and service delivery

    • Safety

      A long track record of safe operations and aviation grade safety practices.

    External inspections

    Operational experience in 27 countries globally

    Onshore or offshore Sky-Futures inspection teams can deliver safe, high quality, cost effective drone-based inspections across a range of different industries. With offices and partners around the world we have the capacity to meet your needs.

    Confined space inspections

    In partnership with Flyability, Sky-Futures carried out the world’s first O&G confined space inspection with no manned entry or external lighting. We now offer this service to all industrial markets

    Sky-Futures teams can inspect ship storage tanks, onshore storage tanks, chimneys, boiler rooms, vent stacks and furnaces.

    Let Sky-Futures deliver your drone-based inspections

    Contact Sky-Futures to discuss your inspection needs

    We can deliver ad hoc, planned and emergency drone-based inspections