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Designed and built for end-to-end drone-based operations management, inspections, data analysis and reporting


Data analytics and reporting software for commercial drone-based industrial inspections

What can Expanse do for you?

Expanse will optimise the way you manage your assets; improving safety, efficiency and asset performance.

Securely and efficiently manage your data, creating intuitive reports accessible to all stakeholders through the cloud. Present inspection findings in the context of a 3D model of the asset. Reach the deepest level of inspection information in just two clicks. Achieve all of this in a third of the time it took you to create your reports with spreadsheet, word processing or presentation software.

All the tools you need for managing and sharing your drone inspection data whether you're an asset owner or an inspector

  • Upload and edit videos and images from any drone

    Cut, add voiceover, captions and snapshot video frames. Edit and annotate images in your web browser. Efficient and accessible to all your stakeholders.

  • Record inspection observations and make recommendations

    Consistent reports delivered through the cloud. Enter your information once and report on the web in 3D and produce traditional PDFs. All in one place. High quality every time.

  • Organize inspection reports for multiple assets

    Manage facilities and structures around the world with a single repository for clear, unambiguous information at the fingertips of all stakeholders. Go from a global map to the deepest level of inspection findings supported by rich media in just two clicks.

  • Tag observations onto 3D models

    Unambiguous presentation of rich media to your stakeholders. Access business critical information from anywhere.

  • Share analysis with multiple stakeholders securely

    Your colleagues, customers and your chosen 3rd parties can access media with your control. Using leading edge security that actually improves the performance of the site.

  • Add inspection data to a single repository for compounding value

    Continuously build inspection data for trending, analysis and prediction.

  • Your logo on the site

    Branded as your portal for delivery of results to customers and stakeholders

What is Expanse

Expanse is an enterprise cloud platform used by inspection companies and operators for getting maximum value from drone inspections of industrial assets

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