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Designed and built for end-to-end drone-based operations management, inspections, data analysis and reporting

Harness the power of safe and professional drone operations

Flightdeck for professional drone mission and fleet management 

Expanse® Flightdeck offers enterprise a global overview of their missions, personnel and equipment for consistent and effective management of operations and risk. Pilots log their equipment, qualifications and jobs to allow complete oversight and demonstrate proven experience. Flightdeck gives you the ability to intuitively and quickly report on all aspects of operations data; including job, personnel, equipment, safety incidents and action status. Flightdeck is a digital version of your operations manual and safety management system. Flightdeck ensures that all checks are carried out and all safety barriers are in place.

Safe, professional drone operation requires a number of complex processes to ensure compliance

Assure oversight of professional operations with...

  • Logfile and telemetry capture

    See where you've flown and learn from it for complete transparency and continuous improvement.

  • Techlog

    Management of your equipment is critical for safe, reliable operations. Fly with confidence in your kit with complete oversight of conditions, operating time, equipment fault reporting and action tracking.

  • Risk Assessment

    Identify hazards, their causes and determine control barriers.

  • Method Statement

    Ensure your personnel and customers know what you plan to do and how you're going to achieve this.

  • Mission Planning

    Ensure processes are followed every time all the time.

  • Log Book

    Remote pilot and company flight training, operational and currency information at your fingertips.

Designed and built from years of industry experience

Software for enterprise clients and Emergency Services

Expanse® Flightdeck will be available for use by Remote Pilots who have undertaken training at the Sky-Futures Training Academy. It will also be available to enterprise clients around the world.

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