Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone inspections

Our service can support the inspection of linear, wide area, offshore and distributed assets with long endurance BVLOS operations

Bringing all the benefits of VLOS drone operations but at scale

Sky-Futures can support industrial asset owners with the next evolution in remote inspection through the application of long endurance (12 hours +) BVLOS drone operations. Each inspection is supplemented by a detailed inspection report that is delivered through inspection reporting software, INSPECTION2.


Use a drone instead of putting your people at risk. We have a long track record of safe operations and aviation grade safety practices.


BVLOS flights can cover a wide area and collect high-quality, consistent and repeatable data much more quickly than traditional means.


Inspect more assets per flight than traditional inspection means. Pay per hour or per asset inspected.

Unlock BVLOS Operations for Asset Inspection 

Onshore or offshore Sky-Futures inspection teams can deliver safe, high quality, cost-effective drone-based inspections and surveys across a range of different industries. With offices and partners around the world, we have the capacity to meet your needs.
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