AZISA Drone Company is committed to delivering the highest quality technology and productivity tools for their clients, and as such, they decided to enhance their asset management and reporting capabilities by using Sky-Futures partner Inspection²’ Expanse inspection software.

Business Challenges

One of today’s biggest challenges for infrastructure owners is to have an accurate understanding of the condition of their assets. Without accurate data, it is very difficult to maximise the value of the assets and optimise resources. Companies are now recognising that a predictive maintenance approach is essential to improve uptime of assets by predicting failure before it actually happens.

Customer at a glance

AZISA Drone Company, created in 2016 is the Spanish leader in “unmanned technologies as a service” (UAV’s, UGV’s, USV’s and ROV’s). They have been providing drone inspection services for major companies in the Oil & Gas and Nuclear sectors in Spain.

Choosing the right tool to provide rapidly and efficiently the information to our customers was critical, so when we began to work with Expanse we realised that we were in the right way. Raúl Álvarez

CEO & Founder, Azisa Drone Company


Expanse provided AZISA Drone Company with several benefits in terms of how asset inspection data is stored, analysed, reported and shared.

AZISA Drone Company performs inspections using different kinds of drones. After each inspection, a technical report is generated and then delivered to the clients, all through the Expanse web portal.

With Expanse, AZISA can accurately measure and quantify anomalies and other observations. In a highly visual way, AZISA can highlight possible defects or damages on their client’s assets as well as predict the progression of identified anomalies. The tool allows asset owners to achieve significant OPEX savings by gaining efficiency and making smarter decisions informed by a deep understanding of asset condition.

Thanks to Expanse we provide our clients with the critical information through a very smart and intuitive platform, adaptable to all environments and technologies that we deal with in our day-to-day work. We are very proud to say that Sky-Futures and their inspection platform Expanse are the perfect technology partner for us. Raúl Álvarez

CEO & Founder, Azisa Drone Company


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