We are recruiting new pilots…

We are recruiting new pilots…

We are looking for Remote Pilots to join our UK team on both permanent and contractor basis

ICR has recently acquired Sky-Futures and we are hiring. Candidates will be UK based, highly professional, dynamic and keen to embrace a new and exciting industry.  Previous Remote Pilot experience is desirable but not essential as our evidence-based training course delivered at the Sky-Futures Training Academy, is the most extensive and realistic in the industry.

Experience of working in small teams, under pressure in complex, austere and/or isolated environments essential.  Previous military, engineering or industrial inspection experience is highly desirable.

The main tasks involved in the role are:

  • Safe Procedural Operation of rotary and fixed wing UAS in close proximity of critical infrastructure
  • Deploy (sometimes at short notice) to both onshore and offshore installations via helicopter, vessel or road in the UK and around the globe
  • Ability to follow strict operational procedures at all times
  • Alongside Inspection Engineers, deliver safety critical inspections within set time frames while always maintaining safety of the team and aircraft
  • Prepare Risk Assessments, Method Statements and detailed Flight Plans ·
  • Assisting in the maintenance and preparation of UAS
  • Client liaison

Opportunities for both Permanent and Contractor staff. Please indicate in the application which is preferred. If both please state.

Key Candidate attributes:

  • You are self-sufficient with experience of working in dynamic, austere and safety focused environments
  • You are flexible, with the ability to deploy overseas at short notice for weeks at a time
  • You have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • You are able to operate effectively as part of a team
  • You have good practical knowledge of CAA unmanned aircraft regulations
  • You have a high level of operational professionalism and safe working practices
  • You can work with high levels of independence in complex environments
  • You are a calm and pragmatic problem solver
  • You are computer literate. Knowledge of photogrammetry software is also highly desirable
  • Ability to instruct or experience of delivering detailed lesson plans is advantageous.

All candidates must be based within a commutable distance (within 2 hours) of the Sky-Futures Training Academy based in the Cotswolds.

Candidates must also be willing to travel worldwide on a regular basis for varied lengths of time (up to 6 weeks abroad at a time) and hold a full UK driving license.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for the role please send your CV and a covering letter to the HR Department at HRSupport@icr-world.com

New partnership between Global Energy Group and Sky-Futures to bring advanced UAV inspection service to energy industry


OSRL strengthens oil spill response with Sky-Futures’ UAV service

OSRL strengthens oil spill response with Sky-Futures’ UAV service

For immediate release – Oil Spill Response Ltd (OSRL), the world’s largest international spill response organisation has recently teamed up with Sky-Futures, a global provider of drone-based inspection services to strengthen its spill response services using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or drone) as a surveillance/reconnaissance tool for oil spill.

The initiative will bring OSRL’s spill response expertise together with Sky-Futures’ industry-leading UAV-flying skills to deliver better response capabilities and shorten mobilisation time. The partnership will focus on the provision of UAV cutting-edge technology and good practice approaches when dealing with oil spills.

The partnership with Sky-Futures will offer a cost-effective and reactive solution in the event of a spill for our members. We have already identified a range of scenarios where UAVs would provide a notable advantage over existing approaches, including providing support for containment and recovery operations, shoreline surveys, post-treatment inspections or site security, to name just a few. One of the major benefits of UAVs relates to creating HSE advantages and cost efficiencies within almost every area of operation. For example, if you are conducting a shoreline survey, it would typically take a team up to an hour to survey one kilometre. The UAV can scan that same area in minutes and, through its unique sensors and availability to reach difficult to access areas, provide additional information that a physical team would struggle to detect from land.

James Pringle

Senior Response Specialist, Oil Spill Response Limited

The two partners have taken part in an oil spill response exercise led by OSRL in Southampton last year to demonstrate the capability of UAVs to perform preliminary survey assessments in the event of an oil spill. During the exercise, the team also tested the capacity to launch, recover, and operate an UAV from an offshore vessel.

We are delighted to offer OSRL members a significant reduction in incident response times. UAVs have proved advantageous in many areas that are logistically challenging, offering a cost-effective alternative to conventional manned and satellite platforms. We can provide a comprehensive overview of the extent of the oil spill, reduce human risks, increase operational flexibility and improve the efficiency of collecting crucial data during an emergency response situation

James Harrison

CEO, Sky-Futures

About Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL)

Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) is the largest international industry-funded cooperative. It exists to respond to oil spills wherever in the world they may occur, providing preparedness, response and intervention services. OSRL is wholly owned by most of the environmentally responsible oil and gas companies around the globe, and its membership represents the majority of the world’s oil production. It currently employs 275 people across nine locations around the world.

For more information visit the Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) website

About Sky-Futures

Since 2009, Sky-Futures has established itself as the world’s leading provider of drone-based inspection services to the global industrial markets. This expertise, operational knowledge and experience have been employed to develop ground-breaking software, sensor and technology solutions for the drone-based industrial inspection market. This leading-edge technology is being used today by clients looking to harness the power of drone-driven data collection and analysis.

Sky-Futures’ end-to-end enterprise solutions including training packages, services and software solutions enable enterprises to perform safe and cost-effective drone inspections of a variety of vertical infrastructures, including but not limited to the following industries: Oil and Gas; Renewables; Utilities; Power and Civil Engineering.
Sky-Futures is operating in 27 countries with customers in the UK, Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, North America, and Africa. The business is headquartered in London with offices in Houston, TX in the USA, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Abu Dhabi in UAE and Aberdeen in Scotland.

For more information visit the Sky-Futures website

New partnership brings advanced UAV inspection services to energy sector

New partnership brings advanced UAV inspection services to energy sector

Global Energy Group (GEG), Scotland’s leading energy service company and Sky-Futures, world’s leading provider of drone-based inspection services announced today a strategic partnership to offer an end-to-end UAV inspection services to a wide range of industries including Oil & Gas, Renewables (Onshore / Offshore Wind), Utilities, Civils etc.

Drawing on Global Energy Group’ vast experience as an energy sector-leading service company and Sky-Futures’ cutting-edge, drone-based approach to industrial inspection, this joint effort will provide clients a suite of services that will deliver cost-saving and time-efficient solutions with a blended inspection capability combining drones, experienced inspectors and artificial intelligence-powered data platform and data analytics tools.

This partnership provides Sky-Futures and Global Energy Group’s client base unrivalled flexibility and depth of service in the marketplace. We are already successfully delivering client project internationally leveraging the strength of both companies and maximising the benefits to our clients. James Harrison

CEO and Co-founder, Sky-Futures

The partnership has seen 3 Global Energy Group inspectors, trained by Sky-Futures experienced instructors last month as drone Camera Operators at the Sky-Futures Training Academy. In this short time, Sky-Futures and Global Energy Group integrated teams have already successfully deployed to Singapore and Italy.
Through this collaboration, we have a unique product that will bring true efficiencies to our clients in the delivery of UAV inspection services to a wide range of industries Stuart Paterson

Managing Director, Global Energy Group

About Global Energy Group

Based in Scotland and working worldwide, the Global Energy Group is a highly successful, award-winning energy sector service group.

The oil and gas industry is one of Scotland’s biggest success stories and a vital component of its continued economic growth. Adapting expertise and experience gained from the Scottish Highland’s 40-year involvement with oil and gas production, Global Energy has developed sector-leading services to meet the demands of the 21st-century international energy industry and have successfully exported these skill-sets around the world. Global Energy’s business proposition is to make our customers’ assets more profitable by reducing risks in construction and reducing asset downtime through effective integrity and maintenance solutions.

For more information visit the GEG website

Aviation Minister launches new UK drone regulations at Sky-Futures Training Academy

Aviation Minister launches new UK drone regulations at Sky-Futures Training Academy

Lord Callanan the UK Aviation Minister from the Department for Transport today launched the new proposals for drone legislation in the UK. Launching the proposals from the Sky-Futures Training Academy in Morton-In-Marsh, Gloucester with support from Sky-Futures and Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service (MAWWFRS), the key message from Lord Callanan was that “Our measures prioritise protecting the public while maximising the full potential of drones”.

Prior to the media interviews, the Minister heard from MAWWFRS, one of the most experienced emergency services globally using drones, on how they are being used daily to gather operational intelligence to assist in fighting fires, find missing persons and in search and rescue. MAWWFRS have been using drones since the first remote pilots were trained by Sky-Futures in September 2015, and now have 17 pilots, with the majority also having received night rated training. The Minister also heard from Sky-Futures Co-founder and CEO James Harrison on how they provide an end-to-end solution for industry and are trusted to provide software, training, services and consultancy to large engineering companies including Costain and James Fisher PLC.

The proposals unveiled today are aimed at separating the hobby drone market from the professionals which is a sensible step, and puts a greater emphasis on the private sector to set industry-specific standards, such as the Oil and Gas UK guidelines for drone use. Best practice is being pioneered in the emergency services sector with new initiatives such as by Sky-Futures trained Kent Police launching a dedicated public web page to their drone use

The consultation process, which was deliberately and rightly wide-ranging, resulted in proposals to have an app based registration scheme for hobbyists.

This is a sensible approach, although more detail is needed. Making it easy for hobbyists to fly safely and responsibly is key to the growth of this new technology.

James Harrison

Co-founder and CEO, Sky-Futures

Sky-Futures awarded 3-year global contract to inspect Eni facilities

Sky-Futures awarded 3-year global contract to inspect Eni facilities

Sky-Futures, a global leader in innovation with drone-based technology, has been awarded a 3-year contract to inspect Eni facilities globally.

Eni, one of the largest operators worldwide in the Energy Sector, operates in 66 countries. This global contract is the first of its kind between a drone-based technology business and an international oil and gas company and represents a significant shift in the oil and gas market.

By partnering with Eni we can further enhance the benefits on offer by analyzing and forecasting operational issues before they happen.

James Harrison

CEO & Co-founder, Sky-Futures

Sky-Futures offers leading-edge drone data capture, inspection analysis and visualisation technology enabling clients to operate more safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. By analysing data and delivering standardised and quality-assured reports in Sky-Futures’ Expanse software, it is possible for stakeholders to access the latest information on their assets immediately, securely and from anywhere in the world through the cloud.

Sky-Futures, leader mondiale dell’innovazione tecnologica basata sull’utilizzo di droni, si è aggiudicata un contratto di 3 anni per ispezionare impianti Eni a livello globale.

Eni, uno dei più grandi leader mondiale nel settore dell’energia, opera in 66 paesi. Il presente contratto globale è il primo nel suo genere tra un’azienda fondata sull’utilizzo di droni e una società internazionale di servizi petroliferi e rappresenta un cambiamento significativo nel mercato del petrolio e del gas.

Grazie alla collaborazione con Eni possiamo migliorare ulteriormente i vantaggi offerti attraverso l’analisi e la previsione di problemi operativi prima che accadano.

James Harrison

CEO & Co-fondatore, Sky-Futures

Sky-Futures offre soluzione all’avanguardia per quanto riguarda l’acquisizione di dati con sistemi APR, la loro analisi e la loro visualizzazione, consentendo ai clienti di operare in modo più sicuro, efficiente e più economico.. Analizzando e fornendo queste informazioni tramite il suo software Expanse, Sky-Futures permette di migliorare ulteriormente l’efficienza e di ottenere altri risparmi. Con report standardizzati e di qualità garantita accessibili da qualsiasi luogo e in modo sicuro nel cloud, il personale può accedere immediatamente alle ultime informazioni relative alle loro strutture.

Sky-Futures Launch New Part 107 Training Online Course for US FAA’s exam

Sky-Futures Launch New Part 107 Training Online Course for US FAA’s exam

Sky-Futures is rolling out an online drone training tutorial course. The new course will enable persons and organisations in the US to pass the FAA’s Part 107 exam.

For the past two years, Sky-Futures has established a reputation for high-quality training; Sky-Futures Training Academy (SFTA) alumni include Emergency Service and Enterprise clients from around the world. Safe use of drone technology is at the forefront of all Sky-Futures training situated among its state of the art facilities to provide fit-for-purpose training. Most recently, Sky-Futures has established SFTA USA at Disaster City at College Station in Texas.

All UAS pilots that wish to operate in a commercial capacity must take this Part 107 exam. The exam has the potential to be challenging for those with little or no aviation experience. Thus, this Sky-Futures course distinguishes itself from other online Part 107 tutorials by focusing on material most likely to be tested. The topics that make up the bulk of the FAA test are covered extensively and effectively reviewed by quizzes generated at random from a 250-question test bank.

This course was designed to enable an efficient learning process and a successful outcome. Our critical understanding of safe commercial operations has enabled us to prioritise applied theory in the online content to capture baseline Part 107 competencies.

Jay Forte

VP Operations, Sky-Futures

With the launch of the Part 107 Online Tutorial Course, Sky-Futures is bringing to market a product that will ensure the best possible start for a business to enact its drone strategy. Sky-Futures aims to provide fit-for-purpose Part 107 preparation to enable operators across the USA to leverage drone technology confidently and safely, in accordance with FAA regulations.

UK Basic Drone Certification Launched by Sky-Futures Training Academy

UK Basic Drone Certification Launched by Sky-Futures Training Academy

Sky-Futures is rolling out a Basic Drone Certification Course. The new course will enable persons and organisations in the UK to reach the basic standard required to operate drones under a CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

For the past two years, Sky-Futures has established a reputation for safe, high quality and fit-for-purpose drone training, having trained Emergency Service and Enterprise clients in the safe use of drone technology at its state of the art facilities in the UK.

In the UK, Sky-Futures holds full Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) National Qualified Entity (NQE) status. Under these privileges, Sky-Futures will provide an all-new online ground school syllabus followed up with a drone flight skills assessment at the Sky-Futures Training Academy (SFTA) and full access to Sky-Futures Operations Manual Templates.

This applied certification course has been borne out of Sky-Futures established training business and in response to client demand; it will enable persons or organisations wishing to fly drones to lay the best possible foundations for the safe use of this technology. Coupled with the facilities on offer at the SFTA, the new course provides class-leading certification to the fast-growing commercial drone industry.

Sky-Futures has an established drone training business in the UK delivering best in class training. Given the now embedded nature of drone regulations in the UK, our new Basic Drone Certification Course is a natural addition to the Sky-Futures Training Academy product range.

Nick Rogers

Co-Founder & Chief Regulatory and Training Officer (CRTO), Sky-Futures

With the launch of the Basic Drone Certification, Sky-Futures is bringing to market a product that will ensure the best possible start for a business to enact its drone strategy. Upon certification, this will enable operators across the UK to leverage drone technology confidently and safely, in accordance with CAA regulations.

Sky-Futures contribute to operation management drone guidelines for Oil & Gas industry

Sky-Futures contribute to operation management drone guidelines for Oil & Gas industry

Oil & Gas UK have launched their seminal drone guidelines to industry, ‘Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations Management Standards and Guidelines’, in partnership with an expert panel, including Sky-Futures.

Nick Rogers, Co-founder and Chief Regulatory and Training Officer (CRTO) at Sky-Futures was part of a small panel of experts selected from Oil & Gas UK members tasked with drawing up these landmark drone guidelines for the Oil & Gas industry. The group was made up of representatives from three major oil and gas companies (BP, ConocoPhillips and Shell) and two drone service providers. Sky-Futures used its substantial experience in the field of drone operations delivery on oil and gas installations around the world since its founding in 2009 to make a significant contribution to these guidelines.

Wider adoption of new technology in the industry is critical for future business and commercial success. Most importantly, this is reliant upon a safe integration of technology. Oil & Gas UK is a highly effective and proactive industry body with unique aviation heritage, therefore, it was a natural step to work together to draw up these guidelines. It is an exciting development since it is the first publication that has been written by industry for industry. I expect these guidelines to provide the ‘blueprint’ for use of drones for in the global Oil & Gas Industry.

Nick Rogers

CEO & Chief Regulatory and Training Officer (CRTO), Sky-Futures

The launch of these landmark guidelines by Oil & Gas UK marks a significant step forward in the investment in the safe integration of new technology, particularly drones, in the industry. Sky-Futures critical involvement in the establishment of guidelines reinforces Sky-Futures commitment to safety and the reduction of risk, and its position as an industry leader.

The technology is particularly attractive for its use in improving safety. For example, sending unmanned aircraft instead of people into confined spaces to conduct inspections reduces risk, and is also effective and efficient. We expect their usage to grow. The intention is to encourage offshore operators planning on using this emerging technology to think about the whole operating and safety system offshore and not just the air vehicle. The guidelines have evolved from lessons learned in recent years and provide information about best practice, procedures and the certification needed to be compliant with UAS regulations.

Mick Borwell

Health, Safety and Environment Director, Oil & Gas UK

Sky-Futures gained ABS certification: world’s first drone specialist for vessel inspections

Sky-Futures gained ABS certification: world’s first drone specialist for vessel inspections

Sky-Futures USA Inc. has been certified as the world’s first approved drone specialist for internal vessel inspections by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). ABS surveyors have now certified drone data as an additional, valuable inspection tool to make critical decisions affecting classification and statutory surveys.

Sky-Futures was awarded the ‘External Specialist Rating’ by ABS following a series of in-depth assessments, including an in-office audit of all safety and inspection procedures and a two-day survey demonstration on a bulk carrier. Inspections were conducted in the cargo hold and in the intricate geometry of the Fore Peak Tank and Lower Stool Space of a Bulk Carrier.

We’re very proud to have been awarded this rating by ABS and to have become the first approved drone specialist for vessel inspection. We have particularly appreciated the recognition of our outstanding operational safety and procedures by ABS, an organisation which is globally acknowledged for setting standards for safety and excellence in classification in the Marine and Offshore industries. Jay Forte

VP Operations, Sky-Futures

This successful demonstration and certification by ABS reinforce the effectiveness of Sky-Futures drone-based Confined Space Inspection service. Sky-Futures now offers the Marine and Offshore industries an accredited service and the capacity to fully exploit the use of drones and drone-based data analysis to improve safety and reduce risk on client facilities. Sky-Futures supplies all reports through their proprietary software, Expanse, which revolutionises the way drone-based data for industrial inspections is analysed, viewed and managed.

About ABS Certification

The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) is a world-leading classification organisation, with a mission to promote the security of life, property and the natural environment, primarily through the development and verification of standards for the design, construction and operational maintenance of marine-related facilities. ABS provides a range of technical advisory, certification and risk management services to support the safety and reliability of high-performance assets and operations in the oil, gas and chemical, power generation, marine, offshore and government sectors, among others.

For more information visit the ABS website

Launch of integrated drone inspection software-hardware services

Launch of integrated drone inspection software-hardware services

Sky-Futures and Flyability have partnered up to bring to market a fully integrated solution for drone-based industrial inspection. The Flyability Elios is the groundbreaking collision-tolerant drone allowing access to complex and confined spaces where manned entry is not possible or desirable. Expanse is the world-leading drone inspection software for end-to-end management of drone-based industrial inspection data.

Flying beyond the line of sight in complex geometries requires sophisticated organisation and benefits greatly from an intuitive relay of information discovered. Flyability and Sky-Futures now provide clients with the Elios drone and Expanse software for a complete solution for data capture, processing and distribution to all stakeholders.

Sky-Futures has been a provider of drone-based inspection services across industries for over half a decade. The launch of the Expanse-Elios package is the latest response to the needs of asset integrity management across industries.

We’re excited to be continuing and deepening our relationship with Flyability. Through continued joint innovation we are focused on providing both our customers the best solution for industrial inspection in confined spaces. This now extends from data collection to include data presentation and analysis through our Expanse software.

James Harrison

CEO & Co-founder, Sky-Futures

Expanse allows clients to securely and efficiently manage their data; managing operations, data analysis and creating intuitive reports accessible to all stakeholders through the cloud. Clients are able to present inspection findings in a 3D environment and reach the deepest level of inspection information in just two clicks. Expanse makes unsurpassed drone-driven data analysis accessible to everyone from single contract inspectors to enterprises with extensive worldwide assets looking for a global view on their drone-based integrity information.

As an early adopter of our technology, Sky-Futures has been a long-term partner and supporter of Elios. Through this bundle package, we intend to provide our customers with the greatest flexibility and efficiency in the way they can disseminate and post-process data gathered with Elios. The launch of Expanse is a step in this direction and we are looking forward to further assist asset owners and inspection companies reducing costs and risks in their operations.

Patrick Thévoz

CEO & Co-Founder, lyability