Drone industrial inspection software, Expanse is launched

Drone industrial inspection software, Expanse is launched

Drone-based industrial inspection software – Expanse

Sky-Futures, the leader of the drone-based industrial inspection market is making their in-house software called Expanse commercially available. Expanse, the drone-based industrial inspection platform, significantly enhances the way organisations view, understand and manage their assets. Having already been used by Sky-Futures clients for the last 12 months, the software has been built, designed and focused entirely on the vertical infrastructure inspection market that Sky-Futures serve.

The full enterprise package disrupts the industrial inspection market by offering a complete end-to-end solution. This starts at the Sky-Futures Training Academy for Remote Pilots and inspection engineers and includes Expanse subscriptions which enable groundbreaking analysis and delivery of business critical integrity information in a 3D environment.

Sky-Futures has been a provider of drone-based inspection services across industries for over half a decade; the joint launch of the Expanse software package and the end-to-end drone-based industrial inspection offering is a direct response to the needs of asset integrity management. This enterprise solution supports a range of industries including oil and gas; renewables; utilities; telecoms; bridges and construction.

As users of the software ourselves, we knew what the key requirements were to make a solid product. Our own engineers and customers made sure of that. We’re excited to launch our Expanse software, enabling an enterprise to manage their drone data effectively and inspection companies to professionally organise, analyze, report and present their findings to customers.

James Harrison

CEO & Co-founder, Sky-Futures

Expanse allows clients to securely and efficiently manage their inspection data; managing operations, data analysis and creating intuitive reports accessible to all stakeholders through the cloud. Clients are able to present inspection findings in a 3D environment and reach the deepest level of inspection information in just two clicks. Expanse makes unsurpassed drone-driven data analysis accessible to everyone from single contract inspectors to Enterprise with extensive worldwide assets looking for a global view on their drone-based integrity information.

Sky-Futures enable Enterprise to harness the power of drone-driven data collection and analysis by offering an end-to-end solution. Enterprise clients can now access the accredited Sky Futures Training Academy and operational inspection procedures developed over half a decade as part of the end-to-end solution.

Sky-Futures awarded with highest level of SGS RPAS Safety & Compliance Verification

Sky-Futures awarded with highest level of SGS RPAS Safety & Compliance Verification

Sky-Futures has been awarded the highest level of SGS Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Safety & Compliance Verification, passing the most comprehensive audit of safety systems and operational safety practices within the drone industry.

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company with a global network of 1,800 offices and laboratories, and has extended its services into the drone industry. The SGS RPAS standards are now being widely accepted by the booming commercial drone industry, with SGS offering verification, expert advice and strategies for the future.

Sky-Futures recently passed the most comprehensive audit of its RPAS safety systems and operational safety practices and has been awarded the highest level of safety and compliance verification available in the industry, the SGS Safety & Compliance Verification (SCV) certificate.

Operating RPAS is a dynamic activity, and the ability to utilise predictive risk management strategies to identify and treat hidden hazards in RPAS operations is a specialty of SGS, which is leading the way in RPAS safety standards. Sky-Futures is an operator that has differentiated itself in this field through its dedication to achieving robust safety and risk standards and adopting the global best practice.

Tracy Lamb

Global RPAS Safety Manager , SGS

SGS has set the benchmark for RPAS standards in safety, quality and efficiency in the use of drones for industrial inspections. These standards and risk management tools are helping resource sector companies and drone operators to benefit from increased efficiency, as well as improvements to both measurable safety systems and to corporate responsibility.

By gaining SGS’s highest level of safety verification, we are demonstrating our capability in the Oil and Gas industry and this will allow safer operations and fewer disruptions whilst still reducing cost levels to our clients. This verification certificate further demonstrates our commitment to delivering a leading and unique service worldwide.

James Harrison

CEO & Co-Founder, Sky-Futures

SGS Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Services

SGS’s RPAS services offer comprehensive safety, compliance and risk management services for RPAS, as well as the operation of drones for precision agriculture, utilities and industrial inspections. RPAS services offer a lower level of risk to personnel and increase cost efficiency over mobilising aircraft. They also build confidence in the reliability of operations and ensure operations are conducted with high levels of due diligence and corporate responsibility, as well as compliant with national and international regulatory requirements.

About SGS

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognised as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 85,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 1,800 offices and laboratories around the world.

World’s first FPSO tank inspection without personnel entry with BW

World’s first FPSO tank inspection without personnel entry with BW

A Sky-Futures drone inspection team completed the world’s first trial inspection of an FPSO cargo tank by drone without a human having to enter the tank. Working with our technology partners, Flyability, Sky-Futures have delivered a new way of conducting inspections in confined spaces.

From the inspection completed it is clear that the benefits in terms of not just time and cost to inspect but also preparation, cleaning, repeatability and access requirements highlight that this technology is an exceptional tool to have available but for our specific requirements the safety benefit to be gained by avoiding personnel entry is invaluable.

Karen Cowie

Senior Integrity Engineer for the Athena FPSO, BW

The drone was able to fly down into the FPSO tank unaided and, by using Sky-Futures proprietary inspection technique, accurately navigate the internal space conducting both General Visual Inspections (GVI) and Close Visual Inspections (CVI) of the space.

Our world-class training facilities, including replicas of ship hull and oil rig confined spaces, provided us with the perfect conditions to recreate site conditions. Through our partnership with Flyability and close relationship with the vessel owner, we have spent thousands of hours developing and evolving the flying techniques, procedures, risk assessments, reporting tools and software which gave us the confidence to take a credible and reliable product to market.

The demonstrable safety benefits, combined with cost and time savings with this inspection technique speak for themselves but we look forward to continually raising the bar and increasing the integrity confidence grading.

Steve Moir

Engineering Manager, Sky-Futures

Confined Space Inspection

Sky-Futures Engineering Manager Steve Moir and Adrian Karl Chief Technology Officer (CTO) have spent the last twelve months developing both an inspection procedure and software to collect high quality, repeatable image data sets that allow clients to carry out confined space inspections without having to leave their desk. This revolutionizes the risk, speed and cost attached to FPSO tanks inspections by making them safer, faster and cheaper.

Current confined space inspection techniques require people to climb inside dangerous and potentially hazardous tanks. This process is fraught with danger, is time-consuming and can deliver low-quality data sets. The Sky-Futures and Flyability drone based solution allows inspections to take place without man-entry, significantly reducing risk to people and plant, whilst improving both the quality and repeatability of the data sets.

The image and video data collected in these inspections is then delivered through the Sky-Futures drone inspection software Expanse. A secure web-based application that allows clients to easily and intuitively access data from anywhere in the world and compare the latest inspections to previous data sets.

Sky-Futures partner with Flyability for first internal tank inspections

Sky-Futures partner with Flyability for first internal tank inspections

Sky-Futures and Flyability announce the first commercial application of drones for internal tank inspections without needing humans inside.

Sky-Futures, the global leaders for drone-based data collection and analysis services for the Oil and Gas industry has announced a relationship with Flyability, the commercial drone manufacturer that develops collision-tolerant drone systems. The agreement designates Sky-Futures as Preferred Partners to Flyability in the delivery of the first commercial drone based internal tank inspections for the global Oil and Gas market. Sky-Futures Preferred Partner status will ensure priority access to drone hardware for inspections, delivery and technology development. Together, the companies will rapidly implement, develop and grow market-leading internal tank inspection drone technology and associated software to significantly improve safety, cut cost and improve efficiency in the digital oilfield.

We are excited to work with Flyability to enhance our technology platform that helps power the digital oil field. We’re focused on providing inspection data that provides highly valuable, actionable information to our clients. Working with Flyability, we will be able to rapidly deploy this innovative internal tank inspection capability offering clients more efficient operations, planning and maintenance of their internal tank infrastructure.

Adrian Karl

CTO, Sky-Futures

Current internal tank inspection techniques require people to climb inside dangerous and potentially chemically hazardous tanks. This process is fraught with danger, time-consuming and delivers low-quality data sets. The Flyability and Sky-Futures drone based solution allows inspections to take place without personnel entering the tank, significantly reducing risk to life and improving both the quality and repeatability of the data sets. This combination of benefits not only reduces risk and cost but, through the Sky-Futures Cloud and data analysis software, will allow clients to identify trends with identified anomalies.

This partnership with Sky-Futures is an important milestone on our path to increase efficiency and decrease risk for our Oil and Gas customers. Our collision-tolerant drone technology allows clients to perform inspections in areas out of reach of any other current technology, and we looking forward to delivering the data to our customers the fastest and easiest way possible.

Patrick Thevoz

CEO, Flyability

All internal tank inspection clients will access the data and analysis through the Sky-Futures Cloud-based drone inspection software Expanse. This software combines automatic image recognition with analytics from the highly experienced Sky-Futures engineering and technology teams. Together with Flyability, the Sky-Futures Expanse supports a secure and seamless transfer of data from the Flyability drone accessible anywhere in the world and at any time. The Flyability drone and Sky-Futures Expanse interoperability form a game-changing partnership for internal tank inspections that will offer clients an unmatched capability for analysis and predictive maintenance.

Drone Inspection for offshore & marine industry partnership with Keppel

Drone Inspection for offshore & marine industry partnership with Keppel

Sky-Futures, the leading provider of drone inspection services for the Oil and Gas industry is collaborating with Offshore Technology Development (OTD), a subsidiary of Keppel Offshore & Marine, the world leader in rig design and construction, to offer inspection services by drone to the global Offshore and Marine industry. The partnership allows Sky-Futures to offer its drone inspection services to Keppel’s large and established client base in the industry, whilst Keppel provides its leading project management, engineering and repair expertise, which promises to deliver comprehensive solutions to our customers.

The partnership will provide clients in the Offshore and Marine sector with a step change in the way inspections – such as Dropped Object Surveys – can be performed on essential but hard to access parts of their vessels.

Partnering with Keppel allows us to deliver an extended service for our clients in the global Offshore and Marine industry. Keppel’s ability to follow through and provide engineering support for any problems that may be found through our drone delivered inspections, means that offshore and marine companies can operate more safely and with less disruption of their operations whilst still reduce cost levels. This partnership further demonstrates our commitment to delivering a leading and unique service for our clients worldwide. James Harrison

CEO & Co-founder, Sky-Futures

The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) makes it possible to simultaneously improve safety, reduce cost – often by more than 80% – and obtain better quality inspection information. Combining this capability with OTD’s unrivalled engineering expertise and experience in the field of offshore drilling and support vessels means that clients are also assured of a swift analysis and resolution for any findings that could result from these inspections.

By bringing together the Health and Safety best practices from the Oil and Gas industry with the operational procedures from commercial aviation, Sky-Futures has built a track-record of safe and consistent operations that bring true value to clients in even the harshest of offshore environments. Sky-Futures uses sophisticated drone inspection software to automate the analysis of the HD Video, still and thermal data its drones gather, helping to identify potential problems on an asset. Clients can access the images and analysis through a cloud-hosted portal, together with expert input from OTD’s experienced engineers.

Through this partnership, we are able to further offer our customers value-added services in inspecting and assessing their vessels in a more expedient, cost-efficient and safer manner. These latest technologies will also equip our yard to provide enhanced services in the aftersales Inspection, Maintenance and Repair market. Spokesperson

Keppel Offshore Technology Development (OTD)

First ever drone inspection for Oil & Gas completed in the Gulf of Mexico

First ever drone inspection for Oil & Gas completed in the Gulf of Mexico

We are pleased to announce that last week Sky-Futures completed the first ever drone inspection for Oil & Gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico for a leading global Oil and Gas service and drilling company.

The inspection is the first ever legally carried out in the Gulf of Mexico by a drone for the Oil and Gas industry. It comes just over 10 months after Sky-Futures received the 46th Section 333 Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Exemption Certificate to operate drones in the USA, and opened their first North America office in Houston, Texas.

The inspection scope requested by the client included the Derrick, a helideck and 4 cranes on a Drillship and was completed in 2 days. Current inspection methods would have taken 17 days to inspect the same scope of work. Offshore, Sky-Futures provided a highly experienced crew consisting of an inspection engineer and remote pilot, who had both completed oil and gas drone inspection training at Sky-Futures specialist training centre in the UK.

Since receiving our FAA Exemption 10 months ago we have made considerable progress; opening our office in Houston, growing our team by hiring and training Remote Pilots and Engineers, and completing our first onshore contract in September 2015. We have now established ourselves as the leading drone inspection service provider in the Gulf of Mexico. We have proven that drones can be successfully used for more efficient and safe inspections in the gulf, just as we have already done across the world.

Jay Forte

Vice President Operations, Sky-Futures

The planning, execution and workflow were supported by Sky-Futures 5 years of Oil and Gas expertise delivering work offshore globally in the North Sea, Offshore Malaysia and in the Baltic Sea. This experience, including 1,760 hours of drone inspections delivered offshore in 2014, has seen Sky-Futures deliver work globally for leading companies such as Apache, ConocoPhillips, Shell, Statoil and Petronas.

This inspection marks Sky-Futures first inspection offshore in the GOM, following on from highly successful onshore work completed in the USA for a leading American Oil and Gas company in September 2015.

We are now proven in providing safe and efficient inspections in the world’s largest single market, both on and offshore in the USA. We are focussed on aggressively expanding our operations in the Gulf of Mexico and North America in the coming year.

James Harrison

CEO & Co-Founder, Sky-Futures

Drone Inspections are safer, faster and more cost-efficient than other inspection techniques used at onshore and offshore installations, including rope access and helicopter fly-bys. Inspections prevent personnel from being put at risk and allow savings to be made by preventing unnecessary shutdowns. Inspections completed offshore for other clients by Sky-Futures have saved over US$4M+ in operational efficiencies and avoiding unscheduled shutdowns.