To borrow a military term, ‘train hard, fight easy’. But that’s often easier said than done. For a new technology like drones, which promise to radically disrupt enterprise and legacy inspection process, how exactly do you execute the drones training needed to exploit the advantages? It’s a fact that drones de-risk your entire operation, cut costs by 80% and improve efficiency by over 50%. Yet like anything new, it takes understanding, planning, implementation and – most importantly – training.

For one thing, what about the people within your organisation who see this new technology as a threat to their own jobs? Do they realise that there is still the need for a human in the loop? And that by embracing drones, they will be part of a revolution creating several thousand new employment opportunities in the UK alone by 2030?

Game changing tech must be managed

Then there are the senior managers in your business. Do they understand the value impact of drones and the potential savings that a carefully thought-out drone strategy can deliver? Managing the introduction of game-changing technology into your business can be difficult. Fortunately, businesses like Sky-Futures have ‘been there, done that, and got the t-shirt’. The hard work entailed in understanding the marketplace has been done. We find ourselves uniquely placed to enable businesses to utilise drone technology.

Sky-Futures does this by enabling businesses with a fit-for-purpose drone strategy – putting technology and data at the heart of its proposition. By supporting the technology with the right level of software, consultancy, services and training for your business, we can help you derive as much value and insight into the data collected by a connected device like a drone.

So a partnership like the one recently forged between Sky-Futures, and the leading global Air Navigation Service Provider NATS, is crucial. Working in unison, we can ensure that your business gets a tailored and fit for purpose introduction to game-changing drone technology. Routinely, businesses are bringing drone services in-house following an initial period of service provision by a third party drone company. This decision enables a business to control the entire data process and aggregate the value of data over time.

We must teach ourselves – before we teach robots

What has this got to do with drone pilot training? Well, quite a lot, since the drone is simply a tool to gather data. Nowasday it’s all about the data – ‘data is the new oil’. Before total autonomy happens, where robots decide for themselves where and when to fly, we must teach them. To teach the robots we must teach ourselves. To teach ourselves to gather data safely and procedurally, we must learn in a fit for purpose scenario-based environment from instructors who also have safety critical domain expertise.

Sky-Futures Training Academies

This is where the Sky-Futures Training Academies in UK and USA come in. They are best in class training facilities to allow your business to safely learn how to use drones and collect data systematically in an environment appropriate to your organisation. With a combination of Sky-Futures’ deep domain understanding of vertical infrastructures (wind turbines, power lines, rail systems, bridges, oil and gas platforms) and NATS’ complete understanding of the airspace that drones inhabit, there is no need to look any further. And remember, in adopting drone technology, you will always need to keep humans in the loop.

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