AI-powered Asset Management, Data Analytics and Reporting Software for Industrial Inspections

EXPANSE enables the captured data to be turned into actionable information (using Artificial Intelligence, automation and 3D) delivering major reductions in OPEX and risk by providing a path to inspection automation and reporting by exception.

See how EXPANSE delivers a faster and more valuable mean of accessing, sharing and analysing asset integrity data and allows inspectors and engineers to optimise asset management, improve safety, efficiency and asset performance.

Automate Industrial Inspection Workflow

EXPANSE is designed and engineered for the industrial inspection world. The application offers several benefits in terms of how asset inspection data is stored, analysed, reported and shared.


Data can be acquired from mobile devices, hand-held cameras, drones or any other sensor


Define the asset and upload the data acquired from the field or historic data such as previous reports


From basic visual analysis and annotations to fully automated object or defect recognition


All annotations, observations and data analysis is compiled in PDF report, 3D viewer and Asset Mapper

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Case Study

Read the case study on how Azisa Drone Company enhances their asset management and reporting capabilities by using Sky-Futures’ Expanse inspection software.

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