AI-powered Asset Management, Data Analytics and Reporting Software
for Transport/Civil Infrastructure Inspection


A large transportation systems provider with an extensive metropolitan infrastructure base performs 25,000+ inspections of their assets per year. They were seeking ways to improve maintenance efficiencies, in particular through finding methods to better manage the several third-party contractors used for repair work. Often the maintenance work tendered to contractors resulted in a cost uplift of 10-15% due to lack of details on anomalies and contextual data provided in the tender documentation.

How Expanse reduces cost


View anomalies in detail and in context within an accurate 3D representation of the asset


EXPANSE makes original images, detailed commentary and other data collected during inspections accessible to internal and external teams involved in the repair and management processes, providing clarity and mitigating against scope creep while reducing delays in repair completion


Enable bespoke reporting format to align with the client’s specific workflow and downstream processes


Despite not using drones, the client is able to store and manage large volumes of data collected from multiple sources, including from handheld cameras and smartphones in EXPANSE

For All Assets

EXPANSE is built around the operators’ industrial assets, from bridges, electrical pylons and offshore oil rigs to pipelines, tank farms, substations and telecom towers.

EXPANSE for Oil and Gas Onshore inspection

Read how Expanse helps an Oil & Gas supermajor in the Permian Basin increasing productivity and shifting to more automated, efficient operations.

EXPANSE for Oil and Gas Offshore Inspection

Read how EXPANSE helps a North Sea operator reducing risk, better managing the late-life operation of the assets and enabling future decommissioning.

EXPANSE for Transmission and Distribution System Inspection

Read how Expanse helps a national transmission system operator driving efficiency and maintaining a reliable service using a more analytical, risk-based approach.

Your Challenges. Our Solution.

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