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Drone Training Certifications FAQ

1. What is the Sky-Futures Basic Drone Certification Course?

The Basic Drone Certification Course will familiarize prospective remote pilots with an applied level of understanding of drone regulations, airspace, operations procedures, meteorology, drone general knowledge and what it means to deploy a drone safely for visual line of sight (VLOS) commercial purposes or ‘Aerial Work’. The course includes both an online ground school syllabus and flight skills assessment.

2. What do I get as part of the online ground school syllabus?

The online ground school syllabus has 14 modules that contain interactive PowerPoint presentations, detailed handout material pertinent to the subject matter and a quiz at the end of every module to test understanding.

3. How can I complete the Sky-Futures Basic Online Drone Certification Course?

The online content can be accessed anytime, on any personal electronic device and is supported by all online browsers so delegates can complete the course at their own pace.

4. What will I learn through the Sky-Futures Basic Online Drone Certification Course?

The online training will provide students with a sound understanding of the main principles required to operate a drone safely for commercial purposes as well as ensuring that students will be sufficiently prepared to be able to pass the ground school assessment and flight skills assessment at the first attempt.

5. How much study does the online course entail?

It is estimated that to successfully pass the Ground School Assessment will require a minimum of 12 hours online study.

6. Where will the Ground School Assessment (GSA) take place?

The GSA (Ground School Assessment) is required to take place on a CAA approved premises.

We currently have two locations available in the UK:

Sky-Futures Head Office (Hayes, UB3 1HA)
Sky-Futures Training Academy (Moreton-in-Marsh, GL56 0RH).

7. What is the Flight Skills Assessment (FSA)?

The Flight Skills Assessment (FSA) takes place at the Sky-Futures Training Academy (SFTA). Working with an experienced Sky-Futures Remote Pilot Instructor (RPI), the student remote pilot will be assessed over a number of flights to ensure they meet the basic standard for safe, commercial operations. This will include a take-off, landing, short flight and emergency.

8. What can I expect the flight skills assessment to assess?

Use of checklists and SOPs contained in the operations manual

  • Demonstrate handling in all drone flight control modes
  • Maintenance of fixed position
  • Normal and reverse orbits of an object/structure
  • Good situational awareness and height perception
  • Linear tracking
  • Emergency Procedures

9. What happens if I don't pass the GSA/FSA first time?

No problem! You can re-sit the assessment. Re-sits of either GSA (Ground School Assessment) or FSA (Flight School Assessment) will be charged at £200 +VAT

Drone Training Operational Manual FAQ

1. I don’t know where to begin with an Operations Manual, can I get help?

Operations Manual templates, in continuous development by Sky-Futures since 2009, are included free of charge upon enrolment to the Basic Drone Certification Course.

2. When do I need to submit my Operations Manual?

Ideally at least 1 week before the Flight Skills Assessment (FSA).

3. Who approves my Operations Manual?

Provided the Operations Manual contains details specific to you or your organisation and contains accurate details about how you will safely conduct commercial operations, Sky-Futures will make a recommendation of acceptance to the CAA upon successful completion of the course. It is imperative that you take ownership of your Operations Manual as it underpins your entire drone operations. Upon receipt of your PfCO, it is your responsibility to maintain this document.

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