Drone-To-Go: An industrial inspection drone solution that enables Enterprise to develop and launch a drone capability in just three months

Sky-Futures, the world’s leading provider of drone-based inspection solutions, has today announced the launch of Drone-To-Go, a full package drone solution for Enterprise. The out-of-the-box solution distinguishes itself in the marketplace by providing companies not only with a physical drone capability but also with a complete package including drone pilot training, regulatory support, software and services to ensure Enterprise-ready deployment.

With its new solution, Sky-Futures aims to enable Enterprise to be up and running quickly with a drone-based inspection capability supporting their specific market sector needs. The Sky-Futures solution provides all the tools to get started as well as on-going support as organisations scale up their drone operations.

We’re offering both the strategy and the capability to roll out a programme in less than three months, rather than the 12-18 months minimum of going it alone, which entails a lot more cost. The drones marketplace is still new, and if businesses are going to reap the radical cost and efficiency benefits of drones they need more than the best hardware and software; they also need advice and guidance to embark on the right strategy. So when a company wants a drone inspection capability, we’ll provide a one-stop-shop for everything needed to get up and running in record time, while making our leading drone software available too. James Harrison

Co-founder and CEO, Sky-Futures

Sky-Futures has built a reputation for experience and expertise in the drone marketplace, with its co-founders on the boards of several drone bodies and organisations. Sky-Futures CEO, James Harrison, has worked closely with the UK’s Department of Trade and Industry (DIT) and was invited on a recent UK Prime Minister-led trade mission to Japan. This trip followed investment into Sky-Futures from one of Japan’s largest trading houses, Mitsui & Co. The partnership between Sky-Futures and Mitsui was launched during the UK government trade mission to Japan, with Mitsui investing $4m in Sky-Futures to support continued expansion and product development.

Because this is still a new area, many organisations don’t know or realise the capabilities of drones. Our aim is to help them understand the value and opportunities. We have case studies that highlight significant safety and cost efficiency benefits from drone-based industrial inspections – across oil and gas, utilities, engineering, shipping and other industries. These often result in millions of dollars in savings. With the shift towards Artificial Intelligence, including machine learning and computer vision, we are fundamentally changing the way inspection is done. The technology is truly disruptive and the impact on any organisations’ bottom line and profitably cannot be ignored.
We believe drones are a disruptive technology that will profoundly improve the operations, safety and cost-effectiveness of major business organisations around the world. We see ourselves as a specialist company able to advise and guide in that process, offering expertise and assets that will fundamentally change the way they operate. Our new Drone-To-Go solution is a perfect example of that approach. James Harrison

Co-founder and CEO, Sky-Futures

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