Empower your Enterprise drone strategy with our Managed Services

We offer a suite of industrial inspection solutions leveraging cutting-edge technology

Predict the future condition of your assets

Sky-Futures provide drone-based inspection services to the industrial sector of hard to access infrastructure. Our team of experienced Remote Pilots and Inspection Engineers can carry out your industrial inspections globally to ensure safe onshore, offshore and confined space inspections. Each inspection is supplemented by a detailed visual inspection report that is delivered through Sky-Futures reporting software, Expanse


Use a drone instead of putting your people at risk. We have a long track record of safe operations and aviation grade safety practices


Drone inspection is 8x faster than conventional inspection techniques e.g. rope access and scaffolding


85% more cost-effective than conventional inspection techniques. Reduce operating costs and reduce shutdowns


Collect high-quality data sets that are accurate, repeatable, and measurable to make smarter decision

Confined Space Inspections

In partnership with Flyability, Sky-Futures carried out the world’s first O&G confined space inspection with no manned entry or external lighting. We now offer this service to all industrial markets
Sky-Futures teams can inspect ship storage tanks, onshore storage tanks, chimneys, boiler rooms, vent stacks and furnaces.

Operational experience in 28 countries globally

Onshore or offshore Sky-Futures inspection teams can deliver safe, high quality, cost-effective drone-based inspections across a range of different industries. With offices and partners around the world, we have the capacity to meet your needs.

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