Upcoming webinars on Expanse® software for drone-based inspections

Apr 19, 2017


Sky-Futures runs regular webinars to show you how to manage your drone-based data through our cutting edge software, Expanse®, to achieve maximum value.

We’ve just launched a brand new capability in Expanse – Fast Reports. Our Expanse webinars now include guidance on this new tool which allows you to create your full report in minutes on a single page.

Our next full Expanse webinar to cover UK/Europe/MENA will take place on Wednesday 12th April, 2017 at 09:00 BST UK. Register here:

Register for the 09:00 BST UK 12 Apr webinar 

Our next full webinar to cover the Americas will take place on Thursday 13th April, 2017 at 11:00 CT / 17:00 BST UK. Register here:

Register for the 11:00CT/17:00BST UK 13 Apr webinar 

Expanse is Sky-Futures portal for capturing, analyzing and publishing drone-based inspection data. Designed and built from over half a decade of industrial inspection experience, Expanse does exactly what you need.

In this webinar we’ll cover:
– Upload of drone data
– Creating inspection findings
– Handling images and video
– Tagging inspection findings onto drawings and models for intuitive access
– Defining where and what you’re inspecting
– Publishing your inspection reports
– The compounding value of drone data
– NEW for 2017! Fast Reports – define what/where you’re inspecting, upload media, build your inspection observations and publish in minutes!

Learn more about Expanse here: