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A major oil and gas client in Malaysia had a requirement for a pre-shutdown drone inspection to establish the integrity and condition of two of their flare tips. The planned shutdown on the offshore platform was scheduled 8 weeks later.


Despite some bad weather (high gusting winds of up to 45 km/h and heavy localised wind swell), all the inspection work was completed ahead of the proposed schedule. The Sky-Futures project team and engineering manager worked directly with the client to ensure the pre-shutdown scope included other structural inspections that could not be completed whilst the platform was online. This included items such as the flare boom and heat shields.

On completion of the UAV inspection, all still and video imagery taken was reviewed and assessed by Sky-Futures flare technical expert and a detailed report was submitted to the client in Malaysia within a week of the inspection. The report identified that one of the flare tips was significantly damaged and needed replacing. Having reviewed the detailed report, the client sought further advice from Sky- Futures’ expert to discuss the findings. A conference call was set up between Sky-Futures flare expert David English and the client within a week of the inspection finishing.


Following the inspection and conference call with Sky-Futures’ flare expert, the client was able to effectively plan for the replacement of parts and a general repair of the flare tip.

If the damage had been discovered during the planned shutdown it would not have been possible to repair and get back online during the shutdown period. As a direct result, a secondary unscheduled shutdown would have been required later in the year.

The inspections of the other structural scopes such as the flare boom and heat shields freed up considerable time during the shutdown so that the client could focus, not only on the repair of the flare tip but also on utilising the additional personnel for other on-going maintenance work, increasing the efficiency of the platform.

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