Business Challenge

A client with a petrochemicals plant based in Northern Egypt commissioned Sky-Futures to complete five live flare onshore drone inspections. The company had a requirement to understand the conditions of the flares to decide whether a shutdown was required, what parts would need to be ordered beforehand, and if any refurbishment was required.


Once Sky-Futures’ flare expert was in receipt of the general arrangement drawings for the flare tips, the team began to plan the inspection. Based on the type of technology in use and Sky-Futures flare experience, the inspection was planned over the course of 3 days.

The onshore sight allowed the drone remote-pilots to select the best take-off and landing sites that would optimise the data collected by the drone of the flares. In total and because of the prior planning and understanding of the flare technology, the inspections of five live flares took only two days.


Following the inspection, 5 separate live flare inspection reports were issued by Sky-Futures flare expert, David English. As a result, the Oil and Gas Company were able to effectively plan for their shutdown, with technical assistance from Sky-Futures flare expert. They were able to identify parts required and order spares in good time, minimising the shutdown period.

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