Sky-Futures’ vision of the futures and UAV Oil & Gas Inspection Service was recently featured in Aberdeen newspaper, the Press and Journal’s graduate supplement. The back page of the supplement contained an infographic breaking down the UAV inspection process.

1 – Problem

We receive a call from our client requesting the inspection of their asset.

We inspect hard to access areas by using an airborne UAV collecting HD still, video and thermal imagery of the anomaly/asset.

2 – UAV Flight

Our UAVs can fly in wind speeds up to 29 knots and can be hand launched and landed on the platform.

The UAV collects high-quality, accurate inspection data quickly.

3 – Flight Data Collection

The UAV team collects the data offshore by flying the UAV (they take data from live flares/topside on a platform or even underdeck).

4 – Onshore Reporting

Reports written onshore, minimising site time and bed space. Raw data and reports can be viewed in the Sky-Futures Inspection Portal.

5 – Collaboration

Further close collaboration with operator or nominated integrity contractor in order to support their decision making.

Two of our most popular services are the pre-shutdown inspection and the 48 hour Rapid Response inspection. Our global team of engineers are supported by Engineering Manager Steve Moir, based in Aberdeen.

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