Asset-intensive organisations are increasingly using new automation technologies such as drones but also smartphones and other means to automate the capture and aggregation of large volumes of visual, thermal and multi-spectral imagery. Especially when combined with automated analysis via the use of Artificial Intelligence, this will contribute to a transformation in the way industrial assets are managed by providing rich data on asset health, which informs a better understanding of risk, leading to better maintenance decisions and improvements in asset availability and integrity.

While organisations are realising value from the wealth of visual data captured, with the huge increase in data volumes, data quality issues are amplified and data management can be painful.

Imagine…an average of forty images per cell tower inspection. A cell tower operator with 4,000 towers to inspect per year. That’s over 160,000 images to gather, allocate, analyse and report every year.

Sounds overwhelming?

That is where the right Data Quality strategy can make a difference by making the massive amounts of data easily accessible, sortable, and analysable.


Join us in this webinar and learn how to drive operational efficiency through better Data Quality management:

– What is “Data Quality” in the context of industrial asset management, including inspection? Why “Data Quality” is important? What does it mean for an asset-intensive organisation?

– Introduction to Data Quality Framework

– Use cases: Assessing the business impact of Data Quality in the Oil & Gas, Maritime and Transportation industry

– Best practice: How to identify and address Data Quality issues

– Q&A

Who should attend

Content covered in this webinar will be most relevant to the following audience:
Asset Manager, Asset Integrity, HSE Manager, Inspection Engineer/Manager, Maintenance Manager, Head of Digital, Engineering Manager, Production Manager, Operations Manager, Project Manager, Finance Manager, Quality Manager, Delivery Manager.


David Loshin

David Loshin

David Loshin, President of Knowledge Integrity, Inc, is a recognised thought leader and expert consultant in the areas of analytics, big data, data governance, data quality, master data management, and business intelligence. Along with consulting on numerous data management projects over the past 15 years, David is also a prolific author regarding Business Intelligence best practices with numerous books and papers on data management. His book, “Business Intelligence: The Savvy Manager’s Guide” (June 2003) has been hailed as a resource allowing readers to “gain an understanding of business intelligence, business management disciplines, data warehousing, and how all of the pieces work together.” His book, “Master Data Management,” has been endorsed by data management industry leaders, and his valuable MDM insights can be reviewed at

David Clitherow

David Clitherow

David is driving revenue growth at Sky-Futures by working with Sky-Futures’ clients globally to maximise performance improvement through deploying our industrial inspection digitisation technologies. David combines over 15 years of global sales leadership experience across the energy value chain in both technology and consulting with significant knowledge of enterprise cloud applications, IoT and asset integrity/risk management

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