Over the last 6 months, Ladislas has been working with us in the Computer Vision Development team as part of his placement year of the Engineering Master’s at MINES ParisTech. As his time at Sky-Futures draws to an end we sat down with Ladislas to chat about his experience and the projects we got him involved in during his time here, as it’s certainly not just been making the brews or photocopies!

Tell us about yourself?

I’m currently undergoing a placement year before the last year of my master’s at Mines ParisTech. I’m very interested in technology and science in general and am always keen to learn new things.

What made you join Sky-Futures?

When I first started looking for an internship, I was looking for something that would have the following: responsibility, a steep learning curve and a chance to work on an actual product that would be used by clients around the world. After contacting Sky-Futures regarding a potential internship, they offered me just that.

What have you learned working at Sky-Futures?

Since day 1 here, people have seen me as an employee, not an intern. This allowed me to be a part of multiple projects which aimed to make the inspection process for industrial companies easier, faster and ultimately more cost-efficient.

I know for a fact that this has been an ideal internship for me. I have much better technical skills, a much better idea of the professional world and a much better idea of what I want as a career than I did in June. This wouldn’t have been possible if Sky-Futures hadn’t given me the opportunity to see what developing cutting-edge software looked like and let me be a key part of it.

What advice would you give to other people looking to apply for internships at Sky-Futures?

If you are looking for a cosy internship that will allow you to sit back, use what you know and write a piece of code that will ultimately end up on a hard drive in a cupboard in a basement to collect dust… be my guest. Many companies offer that, and it may be intellectually stimulating, but you may end up working months on something that has no real value.

If, however, you want to be part of a close-knit team, where you can learn from experienced drone pilots on how useful data is collected, from the sales team about where the industry is and where they want to be and finally the tech team who will be more than willing to entrust you with a difficult challenge all whilst giving you the resources, guidance and freedom to overcome it to the best of your abilities then this might just be the one.

You’ll find that your soft skills, as well as your technical skills, will be tried, tested and improved as you may need to explain to a variety of customers, in person or through demos, how various pieces of the software work and how it will ultimately help them.

There was a steep learning curve to face but thankfully I was lucky enough to be surrounded by the extremely friendly people who work here and helped me overcome it! I would like to thank everyone at Sky-Futures for helping, teaching and supporting me throughout my time here.

Monthly Cream Tea with the team

We strongly believe that interns are a great part of Sky-Futures culture; they bring with them fresh thinking, motivation and a dedication to learn. Hopefully, Ladislas’ story will inspire others to go forth and find work placements! Feel free to drop us a line if you believe you’d enjoy an internship at Sky-Futures.

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