We are pleased to announce our partnership with XD4SOLUTIONS, the leading Brazilian UAV operator to offer end-to-end industrial inspection services and software to a wide range of industries in Brazil.

A core part of the strategy for Sky-Futures is the focus on a local first approach. The partnership will offer existing and new customers Sky-Futures’ world-class services, training and software, with XD4SOLUTIONS local support and experience.

XD4SOLUTIONS come from a manned aviation background which shows in their professional approach to project delivery and safety. Having XD4SOLUTIONS as our delivery partner in Brazil provides a local suite of services that deliver cost-saving and time-efficient solutions. The capability combines drones, experienced inspectors and  Inspection² Artificial Intelligence-powered data platform and data analytics tools.

James Harrison

CEO and Co-founder, Sky-Futures

The partnership has seen XD4SOLUTIONS remote pilots and inspection engineers trained by Sky-Futures experienced instructors over the last 6 months, with in-country support and mentoring. In this short time, Sky-Futures and XD4SOLUTIONS integrated teams have already successfully executed various inspection scopes together, including on an offshore FPSO for Modec de Brazil.
It is a great pleasure for XD4SOLUTIONS to be partnered with Sky-Futures. We see Sky-Futures as the world’s leading provider of drone-based inspection services to the global industrial markets. We have a well-known background providing services to some major Brazilian Industries. There will be no doubt that this partnership will provide high-level professional services to the increasing demand of the South American market. Pierre Verardi



XD4SOLUTIONS, located in the Brazilian city of Vitoria, is a UAV Operator which provides professional inspections using drones in external and confined areas, as well as maintenance support. To keep assets functioning properly, they aim at close to zero shutdown time for those inspected units. XD4SOLUTIONS’ Technical Staff are composed of Engineers working on the inspections and analysis, along with experienced Offshore helicopter pilots, acting as UAV operators. With more than 15 years of heli operations on the field each, XD4SOLUTIONS pilots have logged thousands of take-offs and landings on several vessels, bringing and adding valuable expertise to our UAV Offshore & Onshore segment.

For more information visit the XD4SOLUTIONS website

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